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The quest for perfection is a lifelong one, and constantly I am reminded that I am NOT all that, and that I have to find and keep my own place in life. All my life I have wanted to be an artist, I have wanted to draw to share the images and visions that go through my head every day. I have come to realize that being an artist is not my place, and that my medium is words. Words, sentences, paragraphs... These are my paints and brushes, and the blank page (or file) is my canvas. Or, as a dear friend told me, my canvas is the mind, and the things I produce here are but echoes.  Or even better, I have a very textual nature *evil grin*.

So, here it is, my creation.  Gryphon Hall is a place that has existed for many years, and in fact is also drawn up as an actual house, rather large, of my own creation.  Secret rooms and all that.  It may never be built, but then again, it might yet.  Who knows?

To wander the rooms of Gryphon Hall, use the icons at the top of the page. 




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