April 2000

I saw a movie recently, a powerful film called Gladiator. Not too long before I went to a pagan gathering here, and participated in a group past life regression. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I felt I was a Roman, or perhaps a Greek. I was wearing a white robe of some kind, and rope sandals. I was male, and I believe I was a scribe of some kind. I had never taken a chance in my whole life. I knew a girl, perhaps named Hesta (while I think my name was Adontis or something similar). Now here is where it gets complicated. The regressionist said that if we were in a certain area of our life, we could perhaps change it slightly to make things better. Previously, my Hesta had been taken by another man, and I did nothing to stop her. She was waiting for me, and I did not come. Well, this time, my uncle came into my house, and told me that Hesta was leaving with the man. He pushed me to get her, and I hesitated only a moment before running through the streets as fast as I could, shouting out her name.

The regressionist told us to advance 10 years. I saw myself, and my wife, Hesta. We had an 8 year old son. Then the regressionist said to advance to the end of our lifespan. I was lying in a bed, with my two grown sons, the elder holding HIS son. My wife had passed long before, and I knew it was time for me to go. I remember telling my sons how proud I was of them. I
wonder if I didn't do that before.

Anyway, about Gladiator. At times I seemed to trance out, and felt like I was somewhere else. I was hearing things that weren't in the movie... City sounds, conversations... I felt with all certainty that I had been there before, that if I was to go there today, I would be able to find my way around with no problems. This feeling of elsewhere happened about five times during the course of the movie. I feel like I need to continue with my past life experiences, and see what else is there for me, because I felt the same during the opening scene to another movie, The Mummy (albeit not nearly as strong). What is there for me in my past lives? Will I be able to answer some of my questions in this life? Will I be able to explain the strange connections I feel to people I have never met in person?