January 2000

Well, the year ended, the new year began, and everything stayed the same.  Well, almost everything.  I'm different now, in a way... I've decided I've had enough of my old procrastinatory self, and I'm going to change... NOW DAMMIT!!  So here I am, on the road to become the new and improved me, and in doing so, I've adopted a new craft name to help me get a little strength... So henceforth let it be known that my name is SunGryphon, and will remain thus until such time as I feel it appropriate to adopt a new name.

Thoughts for today...  Every day you fall in love hundreds of times... You look at someone, and for a split second when you share smiles, you love him (or her).  Or you go somewhere, and a complete stranger in a tiger suit hugs you, and it feels so good you don't want to let go, EVER, because your heart is so full of love you think you might explode.  Which is what happened to me...

So every day, smile at someone, be polite to someone, laugh with a total stranger, because in that moment, that brief instant, they may fall in love with YOU and be changed for the better for it.