Adiemus she calls to me
Echoing through the halls
Walking barefoot, silent step
Flowing through the halls

A curse to all who see her
Her brilliant eyes of green
Smitten, lost with desire
She calls, but still unseen

Sirenís whispers through my heart
Resistance made more trying
With every step I choose to take
I come closer to dying

Adiemus rings so clear
So sweet, just like a bell
I fear her, and rightly so
So many heroes fell

Sirenís song of deadly delights
Tinkling promises made
Sweetness, spice and musk desires
I step closer at her bade

Eyes of flashing fire she has
A maidenís glance of love
But serpentís hair twines at her neck
And death, it dwells above

She sings again, desireís whisper
My hand is almost lead
I fight the fear and deeply breath
And then, I have her head

Sirenís silent screaming now
At last, the Gorgonís dead

01 September, 1999