Darker Times
Feeling Wrong
Not Again!
Rain Falls

Warmer Climes
As Long As
Desire and Love

Think About It
Wondering If

Dreaming Awake
I Would Be
Tarot Cat
Twilight's Song

Outside Influences
California Lives

I walk in shadows, close to the edge
My only friend, the sword's keen edge
I search for my own, unsuccessful for years
That I was the last, my greatest of fears

A fine line is drawn between heaven and hell
A brief shaft of sunlight pierced my dark cell
I heard the voice first, and then saw the face
The movements were careful, with catlike grace.

Our eyes met, a shock of recognition flared
A defiant step, and I was suddenly scared
I had not expected this reaction from me
I felt myself bound after so long being free.

I had told myself it would not happen again
I thought I was the last, all the others slain
Yet here was this other, one just like me
And the things that I felt, oh, what irony.

My heart leapt for joy, as my mind set to kill
I wasn't sure I'd be the winner in this test of skill
But she startled me, true, by saying clearly
"We don't have to do this, to fight, you and me."

She seemed very wise, far older than I
What had she learned while the years flew by?
"I have tasted the Prize, I had killed the last.
But more were awakened, as the centuries passed!"

I felt my jaw drop, could it be true?
But my heart leapt again (To live with you!)
"What do you mean?" I stammered, in fact
"There can be only one! They all said that!"

She shook her head, in sorrow, it seemed
"The Prize is becoming a thing of our dreams."
I stepped closer to her, fearing to trust
"Please, tell me the truth my lady, you must!"

She did something then, drastic enough
To make me believe she meant to be tough.
She bent on one knee, with her hands at her sides
And offered her neck, and thus, her demise.

Such a gesture of trust, of truth, of will
I couldn't help the feelings that started to spill
"Are there others, then, that believe as we do?
Or are the only ones who are sensible me and you?"

"We can find more if we try hard enough,
Would you come along? Loneliness is tough."
I thought for a moment, mulling it over
"Yes," I said at last, and stood right beside her

She looked in my eyes, and smiled at me
It was the most beautiful sight I could see
She pulled her sword out, and I saw its sharp edge...

Quarter 4, 1997