The equinox wind lays cold kisses on my cheeks
As frost brushes over my lashes
Come dance with me, she whispers
Swirling around me in a dress of golden leaves
The winter is almost here, the color is almost gone from the world
Soon everything will be a blanket of white
The same, equal in the eyes of the Goddess.

The solstice breathes puffs of cold air
As he envelopes me in his dark embrace
Death of life, but for rebirth
He holds me close under the icy stars
Deep in his chest, under his cold skin
I can feel his heart beat, and all around is silent

With light tripping steps like the patter of rain
Leaving behind flowers in her wake
The equinox flits from tree to tree
Now bursting with green and bird song
I lay on the warm spring grass
And she covers me with flowers

Flaming golden, noble sun, the solstice leaps for joy
Warm air rushes past me, brushing back my hair
Kissing me deeply as I breathe the warm air
The fields are golden, the animals grown
Soon the world will reap what it has sown