This is a collection of short stories, incomplete novels, and other tidbits that I couldn't classify as musings or poetry. Some of them are extremely short, others are long and drawn out and (shudder) boring.  I hope you enjoy them.  

Please don't abuse them by taking them for yourself.  You do NOT have my permission to reprint these in any way, shape or form.  See the links at the bottom of the page for more information.

Future Past - exercise into science... mostly descriptive

The Psychologist - don't go for those late night folks.. bad news, I'm telling you 

Silence - space.. the final frontier

Zillah's Embrace - Zillah Rhun Manx, vampiress

Vamped! - Oh, that wishful insta-love thing...

Ti`jris - written in 1990, four chapters of an unfinished novel... my first big story

Justyn's Story - EverQuest - Tholuxe Paells server - High Elf Paladin

Gryphon's Heart - First chapter only

Mystesque - Beginnings of a story based on the worlds of Myst and Riven.  Get the fonts here.





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